Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (Ost) - Various Artists - 2017

Genre: Soundtracks
Release Date: 2017-01-13
Label: Sunthing Else
Quality: MP3 320kbps - AutoRip
Catalog ID: B01M8MF09N
Disc: 1
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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (Ost)

Various Artists

1Rex ColtVarious Artists
2Blood Dragon ThemeVarious Artists
3HELO73Various Artists
4WarzoneVarious Artists
5Moment Of CalmVarious Artists
6Dr Elizabeth DarlingVarious Artists
7Power CoreVarious Artists
8ProtektorVarious Artists
9SloanVarious Artists
10Sloan s AssaultVarious Artists
11Blood ScopeVarious Artists
12Combat IVarious Artists
13Combat IIVarious Artists
14Combat IIIVarious Artists
15KatanaVarious Artists
16Omega ForceVarious Artists
17NestVarious Artists
18Rex's EscapeVarious Artists
19Love ThemeVarious Artists
20Sleeping DragonVarious Artists
21WarcryVarious Artists
22Cyber CommandoVarious Artists
23Death Of A CyborgVarious Artists
24ResurrectionVarious Artists
25Blood Dragon Theme (Reprise)Various Artists


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