Brushwood (Songs & Stories) - Norman Blake - 2017

Genre: Indie, Rap & Hip-Hop, Rock
Release Date: 2017-05-26
Label: Import
Quality: MP3 320kbps - AutoRip
Catalog ID: B01N4BI02H
Disc: 1
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Brushwood (Songs & Stories)

Norman Blake

1The Countess Lola MontezNorman Blake
2How The Weary World Wears AwayNorman Blake
3Bunk Johnson Trumpet ManNorman Blake
4High RollersNorman Blake
5The Generic RagNorman Blake
6Waitin For The Mail And Social SecurityNorman Blake
7The Lantern Thru The FogNorman Blake
8Theres A Storm SomewhereNorman Blake
9Newsome Gap RagNorman Blake
10The Truth Will Stand When This World's On FireNorman Blake
11Sweet Banks Of Flowers Georgies VisionNorman Blake
12Look Away, So Far AwayNorman Blake
13The Fate Of Oliver Curtis Perry ~ Empire State Train RobberNorman Blake
14The Target ShooterNorman Blake
15Fiddlin Peg Leg Jackson On The Mourners BenchNorman Blake
16The Nameless PhotographNorman Blake
17Cripple Charlie ClarkNorman Blake
18The Western Atlantic At Willowdale CurveNorman Blake
19Stay Down On The FarmNorman Blake

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