Hardcore Thunder Megamix Vol.1 (2cd) - Various Artists - 2017

Genre: Classical, Jazz, New Age
Release Date: 2017-09-08
Label: Selected
Quality: MP3 320kbps - AutoRip
Catalog ID: B073QG1WQ4
Disc: 2
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Hardcore Thunder Megamix Vol.1 (2cd)

Various Artists

1Disobedience (Feat. MC Frustrator) - Decipher & Nocturnal RitualVarious Artists
2Headshot - NeoXVarious Artists
3Perseverance (Never Surrender) [original Mix] - Ruffneck & PromoVarious Artists
4Aftermath of Dreams - SkinrushVarious Artists
5Origins - The WeaverVarious Artists
6Worlds End - Catscan vs. PredatorVarious Artists
7Mass Destruction - CrossfiyahVarious Artists
8Step Back - Deadly GunsVarious Artists
9Don't Fear Death - Dyprax & NorphineVarious Artists
10Shocked - E-Force & Deadly GunsVarious Artists
11Mighty - Javi BossVarious Artists
12Wonders - KorsakoffVarious Artists
13St8men - Miss K8Various Artists