Darden Smith/ Trouble No More (2cd) - Darden Smith - 2017

Genre: Country
Release Date: 2017-05-26
Label: Retroworld
Quality: MP3 320kbps - AutoRip
Catalog ID: B06XT531XS
Disc: 1
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Darden Smith/ Trouble No More (2cd)

Darden Smith

1Two Dollar NovelsDarden Smith
2Want You By My SideDarden Smith
3Love Me Like a SoldierDarden Smith
4Little Maggie, Day After TomorrowDarden Smith
5God's Will, Talk to MeDarden Smith
6Coldest WinterDarden Smith
7Place in TimeDarden Smith
8Driving RainDarden Smith
9Midnight TrainDarden Smith
10Frankie & SueDarden Smith
11All the King's Horses, 2,000 YearsDarden Smith
12Ashes to AshesDarden Smith
13Fall Apart at the SeamsDarden Smith
14Trouble No MoreDarden Smith
15Long Way HomeDarden Smith
16Listen to My Own VoiceDarden Smith
17Johnny Was a Lucky OneDarden Smith
18Bottom of a Deep WellDarden Smith


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